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Employability Skills

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CUE50403: Diploma of Venues and Events

This section contains a the Employability Skills Summary for this qualification.


  • interpreting production documentation
  • interpreting and responding to briefs from potential clients
  • providing information on protocol to colleagues and customers
  • providing briefings to operational staff and suppliers
  • liaising with customers and potential customers
  • writing proposals/bids for projects
  • developing and maintaining industry networks
  • communicating effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • providing instructions to operational team members, briefing and de-briefing staff, suppliers and volunteers
  • consulting with team members on planning, delivery and improvement of customer services.

Problem Solving

  • identifying room set-up deficiencies and discrepancies in supply of equipment and taking prompt action to rectify the situations
  • developing strategies to address competitive issues when preparing bidding for work
  • identifying customer service problems and taking action to improve systems/processes
  • dealing with problems that arise from diversity issues
  • identifying risk factors and taking action to minimise risk.

Initiative and Enterprise

  • facilitating outcomes that balance different production and creative needs
  • developing options to meet/exceed expectations of customers/potential customers.

Planning and Organising

  • integrating protocol into event organisation activities
  • checking all aspects of the set-up for events/meetings against the pre-arranged agreements
  • developing plans for onsite management of events
  • making cost estimates for inclusion in bid documents
  • rostering and monitoring staff
  • coordinating the acquisition of resources
  • managing budgets and projects
  • planning to meet customer needs and to manage a system for reporting/recording customer service outcomes
  • developing and implementing operational plans.


  • incorporating the workplace vision into bids and proposals
  • demonstrating leadership
  • acting within the scope of own job role.


  • coaching colleagues in ways of accepting diversity in relation to colleagues and customers
  • identifying training needs in relation to diversity issues
  • keeping up to date with industry developments.


  • using the internet for research
  • using computerised record keeping systems.